Ep. 21: Tony Di Zinno, Photographer, Propagandist Filmmaker/Humanitarian


One part of sports that is often seen but rarely talked about is the photograph. We’ve seen countless images of sports figures and iconic moments that elicit some of our greatest memories.  (more…)

My First Visit To The Masters: A Lesson In Culture, Race, And Why It’s Better Than Anything You Will Ever Attend

Behind these gates is a lesson that is hard to put into words. I'll sure try.

Behind these gates at Augusta National I learned a lesson that is hard to put into words. But I’ll sure try.

I never quite understood the love affair with the sport of golf. I understood even less the love of The Masters tournament, and was one of the millions who convinced themselves that attending Augusta National and their Major wasn’t that big of a deal.

Well, I get it now; and I couldn’t have been more wrong.  (more…)

Locker Talk Episode Twelve! Getting Political

Took a break from sports to discuss thoughts on last weeks presidential election with Southern Virginia University politics professor and Notre Dame alum Jeremiah John and Editor/Founder of the university’s first online news magazine The Accolade News John Feinauer. Give it a listen!

Locker Talk: Getting Political 11/16 by Locker Talk | Blog Talk Radio.