S2, Ep. 10: Alexandra Noboa, St. Louis Cardinals, International Communications Specialist


I first met Alexandra Noboa in 2014 at Major League Baseball’s Diversity Summit in New York City. Besides being one of the nicest humans you could ever meet, you could tell she had a passion for the game of baseball, journalism, and reaching MLB’s  Latino audience on a larger scale.  (more…)


S2, Ep. 5: Stacey Gotsulias, Beyond The Boxscore, FanRag Sports, & The Hardball Times


One of the things about Stacey Gotsulias that caught my attention was her knowledge of the game of baseball. I also admired how unapologetic she was in her criticism of Hall of Fame voters doing things wrong; her passion for the New York Yankees (even as a Braves fan); and I was intrigued by her fandom of Alex Rodriguez. (more…)

S2, Ep. 3: Howard Bryant, Senior Writer ESPN/Columnist ESPN The Magazine


African-American participation in baseball, at any level, is a deeply personal subject for me. Growing up, I was usually the only black player on the team. I had great teammates, but I always wondered why more blacks didn’t play America’s Pastime; I also wonder, as the percentage continues to decline, whether or not anything can be done to reverse the trend. (more…)

Raiders Move To Las Vegas Another Callous Blow To Oakland


With the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas (2019) and the Golden State Warriors moving across the Bay to San Francisco (2020) Oakland, a great American sports town, is losing part of its soul.

Sports franchises move all the time. I know this. Anyone who watches and follows sports knows this. Sadly, it has become part of the sports landscape. (more…)

World Series 2016: Cubs, Indians Set For Historic Match Up


Kris Bryant (.333 BA, 1 HR, 6 RBI, .948 OPS in 2016 Postseason) is part of a young Chicago Cubs lineup expected to deliver its first World Series title since 1908. (Photo: Jerry Lai/USA TODAY Sports)

Everyone should have seen the Cubs’ rise coming. (more…)

Ep. 22: Scott Carter, Executive Vice President, Sports 1 Marketing


Sports and innovation have always gone together. There are a number of different ways the two have merged in a way that is mutually beneficial for businesses in every industry.  (more…)

Ep. 19: Lana Berry, Social Media Consultant/Author


Lana Berry has done something pretty cool. She’s a social media consultant with a personal following of over 100,000 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Her love of sports and social media (particularly baseball) has allowed her to meet, interact, and gain credibility with industry professionals. What she’s also done is built enough credibility within the industry to write an E-Book titled “Getting The Call: How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports”, which compiles answers from over 100 of those industry professionals on how they landed their jobs. (more…)

Ep. 11: Teri Carson, MLB/San Diego Padres All-Star Game Volunteer Coordinator, Law Student


I met Teri Carson a little over two years ago while working for a sports marketing company in Irvine, California. One of the things that stuck out to me was her energy and her drive to do any and everything possible to achieve a goal. As it turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg when describing just how much she makes things happen.  (more…)

My Fight Against #LoserSpeak, Culture Phobia, And The People That Enable It In Sports

When a bat flip turns into an attack on how you play the game there's a problem (Photo via @JoeyBats19 Instagram)

When a bat flip turns into an attack on how you play the game there’s a problem. That problem is #LoserSpeak. (Photo via @JoeyBats19/Instagram)

There isn’t much in this world that makes me angry. In fact those who don’t know me can, sometimes, mistake my being calm for being passive or not actually understanding what’s happening. Those who actually know me can tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A Utah Jazz sportswriter learned that the hard way last night.  (more…)

Major League Baseball 2015: The Locker’s First-Half MLB All-Stars

Joe Panik was inserted into the Giants starting lineup just before their World Series run in 2014. He's an All-Star in 2015, and a First-Half All-Star here as well.(Photo By: Scott Strazzante)

Joe Panik was inserted into the Giants starting lineup just before their World Series run in 2014. Now he’s an All-Star in 2015, and a First-Half All-Star here on the blog as well.(Photo By: Scott Strazzante)

First-half of the 2015 Major League Baseball season is in the books. That means it’s that time of year when debate will rage on about who made the All-Star teams and who should have made the All-Star teams.  (more…)